Tzekel Kan
Special Agent Kan
Vital statistics
Position Hero
Age Probably Old
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Tall
Weight Not too fat
"I CAN GET IT OUT OVER THE BAY!" - One of Tzekel's last words

Tzekel Kan is a character from the Tzekel Kan's Flight Trilogy. He is the main protagonist who starts out a villian but eventually ends up dying the ultimate hero. His best friend is Bob Saget.

Story Edit

After El Dorado Edit

Tulio and Miguel outsmart Tzekel Kan and banish him from El Dorado. Eventually the Spanish warlord Cortez finds him and takes him prisoner. Then he is brought to Spain, where he is put on trial and imprisoned for life. However, since he drank the Jaguar Soup he is practically immortal to natural and most other causes for death. So there he sat and rot forever until the modern age.

Tzekel Kan's Flight Edit

By random scientists, Tzekel converted into a plane type creature. With the horror of his new form he flew into the sun.

Tzekel Kan's Flight 2: Wrath of Cyborg Kan Edit

A mysterious ninja found the body of Kan and converted it into a cyborg of destruction. He destroyed an entire city and then killed Deathstroke. However, Deathstroke's friend Bob Saget turned Tzekel into a good guy.

Tzekel Kan's Flight 3: Redemption Edit

Tzekel teamed up with Saget to find who did this to him. They tracked down to China where it is revealed Shere Khan made him evil. Khan beats up Kan but is killed by Saget. However there is a bomb. Tzekel sacrifices his life to save the city from exploding.

Tzekel Series Edit

Tzekel Kan's Flight

Tzekel Kan's Flight

Tzekel Kan's Flight 2- Wrath of Cyborg Kan

Tzekel Kan's Flight 2- Wrath of Cyborg Kan

Tzekel Kan's Flight 3 - Redemption

Tzekel Kan's Flight 3 - Redemption

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