You've known the story, it's been a Passover tradition for people. Even though people think this is titled It's a Meaningful Life 2: The Rest of the Story, this is a new DreamWorks film, produced by DreamWorks Animation


On one moonlit night, three boys dressed up in sweatshirt-like dresses, one with glasses, and one with a baseball cap, arrive at a palace.


  • This takes place in "Ninaborough" - a sea coast variant of Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • This is based on the stories of Moses, mixed with the Jonah and Esther stories, and It's a Wonderful Life.
  • There are some ads in Ninaborough from previous DreamWorks films:
    • Coming Soon: Shark Tale (Shark Tale)
    • Now Playing: Turbo (Turbo)
    • Get your Mr. Tweedy's Chicken Pie today! (Chicken Run)
    • Come see the amazing Rumpelstiltskin! (Shrek Forever After)
    • Join the Guardians! (Rise of the Guardians)
    • Guy's Inventions are the Best! (The Croods)
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