Prologue: Don Lino's flashback memories of his late mother, ShellyEdit

[Fancy Dance Music Playing In Background]

Don Lino: "I told you, Mother, the only kind of dancing I like is fancy."

Shelly: "Well, Edward, I let you pay for my grandsons' pool table."

Don Lino: "Come on over here."

Don Lino and his mother, Shelly begin doing dance moves with 1 another.

Shelly: "Oh, Edward." [Laughs A Bit]

End flashback sequence....

Don Lino looks at 2 photographs of his late mother and son, Shelly and Frankie.

Don Lino: [Sighs Heavily] "We sure do miss that beautiful laugh and smiling face."

Lenny: "I sometimes miss Grandma Shelly and Frankie more than you do, Mom and Pop."

Mildred: "So do we, Lenny, but it's no big deal, I think we're finally over it."

DreamWorks Animation pictures presents

Shark Tale 2

Directed by Mike Mitchell and Rob Minkoff

Written by Ted Key and Josh Klausner

Produced by Alex Schwartz and Teresa Cheng


Will Smith

Reneé Zellweger

Jack Black

Angelina Jolie

Robert De Niro

Wanda Sykes

Vincent Pastore

Martin Scorsese

Doug E. Doug

Ziggy Marley

Dominic Chianese

Jennifer Aniston

Glenn Close

Steve Zahn

Adam Sandler

'David P. Smith

Shelly Morrison

David Soren

Alan Arkin

Zach Galifianakis

and Jim Parsons

Scene 1: Sykes and Oscar's Whale WashEdit

Oscar: "Well, Sykes, it looks like everything seems perfectly normal around here."

Sykes: "That's right, Oscar, and it's a good thing you told the truth that a fallen anchor had accidentally killed Lenny's brother, Frankie in the 1st place."

Lenny: "Now we don't need to worry about that anymore."

Luca: "Good riddance."

Angie: "So, Lenny now that everything's going good so far, what have you been thinking about lately?"

Lenny: "Well, I've been thinking about meeting somebody else who's a vegetarian shark like me, only female, somebody I could fall in love with, somebody else I can relate to."

Oscar: "Well good thinkin', Lenny, maybe right after work, we can stop by an apartment to see where that somebody else lives."

Lenny: "Good, Oscar, then it's all settled."

Everybody else begins working 15 hours at the Whale Wash, 'til 11 PM at night time, then they eventually turn in for the entire night and go right to bed.

The very next morning.......

Oscar: "Hey, good mornin', Lenny, good to see you up and about."

Lenny: "Well, I've already brushed my teeth and freshened myself up, now let's go stop by 1 of the apartments, I'm pretty sure I can find her someplace."

Oscar: "Alright, now you're speakin'!"

Meanwhile, outside..........

Oscar: "Well, here we are, Lenny, this must be the place."

Oscar and Lenny arrive at somebody else's apartment......

Lenny: "Well, here we are."

Lenny swims up to the doorbell...

[Doorbell Ringing]

A female vegetarian shark/Crystal, who's wearing a light blue daisy cap, gets up from her armchair.

Female Vegetarian Shark/Crystal: "I'll get it."

The female vegetarian shark/Crystal opens the door to see Oscar and Lenny standing by.

Male singer: I wanna know what love is

I want you to show me

I wanna know what love is-

[Record Player Stops]

Female Vegetarian Shark/Crystal: "Oh hi there, I'm Crystal, who might you be?"

Lenny: "I'm Lenny, and this is Oscar, he's 1 of my best friends for life, and I'm a vegetarian shark, which is different from the other sharks in Southside Reef."

Crystal: "So am I, Lenny, and it looks like you and I are gonna be a perfect romantic couple."

Lenny: [Chuckles A Bit] "Well, Crystal, I'll see you tomorrow afternoon on our very 1st date together as always."

Crystal: "Any time, Lenny, any time."

Oscar and Lenny swim away from Crystal's apartment...

Oscar: "Well, Lenny, it's a good thing Crystal really loves you just as much as you do."

Lenny: "Thanks, Oscar, I can hardly wait to tell Mom and Pop about her when I get back home to the Titanic house."

Later that night, Oscar, Lenny, Sykes, Angie, Lola, Reuben, Luca, Bernie, Ernie, Mrs. Sanchez, Crazy Joe, Horace, Giuseppe and Don Feinberg are speaking with Don Lino about Crystal, who they met the morning before.

Lenny: "And so, Mom and Pop, Oscar and I swam right at her apartment, then she came right out to meet both of us, and I simply fell in love with her, 'cause she's a vegetarian shark just like me, and you know what? we're a perfectly good match for ourselves."

Don Lino: "That sounds like good news, Lenny, what's her name?"

Lenny: "Her name's Crystal, and she's real loving, caring and respective."

Mildred: "Sounds fascinatin'."

Don Lino: "Well, my 1 and only son, I'm so proud that you found somebody else to fall in love with."

Crazy Joe: "Did you hear that? Lenny and Crystal are seriously in love with 1 another."

Lola: "Well, Reuben and I have been dating for a couple of months and years, is that right, Reuben?"

Reuben: "Yes, of course."

Luca: "You know what they say, 1st comes true love, then comes marriage."

Horace: "It's a good thing they can never eat me alive."

Bernie: "True love, 1st romance."

Ernie: "Respect, mon, respect."

Mrs. Sanchez: "What a lovely romantic thought."

Sykes: "Ha, like I'm hardly ever in love."

Angie: "Well, Oscar and I just got married to 1 another, just recently."

Lenny: "It's real good to hear that."

Giuseppe: "Well, Lenny, congratulations on yours and Crystal's romantic relationship."

Lenny: "Thanks, Giuseppe, I knew you would say that."

Don Feinberg: "It seems to me that you and Crystal can always live up the good life of the entire reef."

Lenny: "Well, goodnight, everybody, I'm off to bed right now, I've got a real good date with Crystal by tomorrow afternoon."

Lenny swims off to bed.....

The very next morning and afternoon.......

Lenny swims up to Crystal's apartment.....

Lenny: "Hey, Crystal, ready to go out on our date this afternoon?"

Crystal: "Why sure, Lenny, where do you wanna begin 1st?"

Lenny: "How 'bout the seahorse race?"

Crystal: "Oh that's a real good idea."

Scene 2: The seahorse raceEdit

Seahorse Race Announcer: "Attention all seahorse race fans, the seahorse race is about to begin!

Lenny: "Hurry up, Crystal, this is our chance, we don't wanna miss it!"

Lenny and Crystal take their seats and begin watching the entire seahorse race.

Seahorse Race Announcer: "The seahorses are at their post."

[Loud Gunshot]

Seahorse Race Announcer: "And there off, Sea Biscuit, Fish Fingers, Salmonella and Lucky Day, are going head to head with 1 another, all the way to the finish line, who do you think will win this time? we don't know who it's gonna be!"

Lenny: "You can do it, Sea Biscuit, you can do it!"

Crystal: "Keep going, Sea Biscuit, keep going!"

Seahorse Race Announcer: "They're almost to the finish line, and it looks like Sea Biscuit has just caught up with both Lucky Day and Fish Fingers!"

Sea Biscuit races up all the way to the finish line.

Seahorse Race Announcer: "And....Sea Biscuit is the winner!"

Lenny: "Yeah, alright, I knew he was gonna win that race!"

Crystal: "So, Lenny, what do you wanna do next?"

Lenny: "How 'bout we go disco dancing at the disco dance house?"

Crystal: "Okay, good idea."

Scene 3: The disco dance houseEdit

[Disco Music Playing In Background]

Lenny: "That's it, Crystal, keep it up, keep up the pace!"

Crystal: "I'm really getting the hang of it right now."

Lenny and Crystal continue disco dancing with 1 another.

Lenny: "So, Crystal, right after this disco dance party, do you wanna go out for dinner tonight?"

Crystal: "Why, yes, Lenny, I would like to go out for dinner with you tonight."

Lenny: "Then it's all settled."

The fancy undersea restaurantEdit

Lenny and Crystal are sitting right with 1 another, and a swordfish waiter named Jean Claude shows up with 2 menus, and he places them on their dining table.

Jean Claude: "And what would you 2 like to drink weeth your deenner meal tonight?"

Lenny: "I would like an ice cold kelp beer, please."

Jean Claude: "Alright, kelp beer eet ees."

Jean Claude: "And what about you, Madame?"

Crystal: "And I would like an ice cold diet coral cola as well, please."

Jean Claude: "Diet coral cola, I weel be right back."

Jean Claude goes off to get their beverages that they ordered.

Lenny and Crystal wait around for 1 minute, 'til Jean Claude shows up with their beverage orders.

Jean Claude: "Here you go, 1 ice cold kelp beer and 1 ice cold diet coral cola just ze way you want zem."

Lenny: "Thanks, Jean Claude, now we're ready for our dinner meal order."

Jean Claude: "Very well zen, what would you like to have?"

Lenny: "I would like 1 half of a pickle kelp sandwich and 1 half a bowl of noodle kelp soup, please."

Jean Claude: "Okay, 1 half of a peeckle kelp sandweech and 1 half a bowl of noodle kelp soup it is."

Jean Claude: "And what about you, ma'am?"

Crystal: "I would like what Lenny's having."

Jean Claude: "Alright, zen eet ees all settled zen."

Jean Claude goes off to get Lenny and Crystal's vegetarian dinner meal orders.

Lenny and Crystal begin doing their crossword puzzle and maze games on their place mats.

Just then, Jean Claude returns with their vegetarian dinner meal orders.

Jean Claude: "Okay, here you go, 2 peeckle kelp sandweeches and 2 bowls of noodle kelp soup just ze way you like zem."

Lenny: "Thanks, Jean Claude."

Jean Claude: "Anytime."

Jean Claude swims off to take the other sea critters' orders.......

Crystal: "So, Lenny, how's your father been doing lately?"

Lenny: "Oh, he's been doing pretty good so far."

Crystal: "That's good, but do you still have a brother named Frankie living with you back at your Titanic house?"

Lenny: "Well, Crystal, I used to, but he passed away a little while back."

Crystal: "Oh, really? how'd it happen?"

Lenny: "Well, you see, it all began way back when Pop sent me and Frankie out so Frankie can show me how to eat like he and Pop does, but I didn't wanna do it, 'cause it was rude and cruel, then that disturbing accident happened: a fallen boat anchor had killed him off."

Flashback to the undersea wasteland scene from the 1st and original Shark Tale (2004)

Flashback Lenny: "What did I tell you?!?"

Flashback Oscar: "I'm sorry, I didn't get it, you want me to go now?"

Flashback Lenny: "What are you doing?!? just go!"

Flashback Frankie: "That's it, I've had it up to here!"

[Flashback Frankie Snarls A Bit]

Flashback Oscar: "Oh no!"

Flashback Lenny: "Hurry, swim!"

Flashback Lenny: "No, Frankie, wait!"

Flashback Oscar: "No! get your boy, get your boy!"

[Loud Clanging Sound]

[Loud Thudding Sound]

[Distant Rumbling From Behind]

Flashback Lenny: [Gasps In Shock] "Frankie!"

Flashback Lenny: [Grunts A Bit]

Flashback Frankie: (off screen) "Lenny?"

Flashback Frankie: [Coughs A Bit] "Lenny, is that you?"

Flashback Lenny: "I'm here, Frankie."

Flashback Frankie: "Come closer."

Flashback Lenny: "Yes? what is it?"

Flashback Frankie: "I'm so cold."

Flashback Lenny: "That's just because we're cold blooded."

[Loud Smack]

Flashback Lenny: "Ow."

Flashback Frankie: "Moron....."

Flashback Frankie slowly gasps, then passes away eventually.

Flashback Lenny: [Teared Up A Bit] "Frankie, no....."


Flashback Lenny: [Teared Up A Bit] "This is all my fault, I'm so sorry, Frankie, how am I ever gonna explain this to Pop? [Sobs A Bit] oh no!"'

Flashback Oscar: [Squeaks In Fear]

End of flashback sequence.....

Lenny: "But I'm finally over it right now.."

Crystal: "Oh, that's nice, so what are you thinking about?"

Lenny: "Well, Crystal, I was just thinking, do you wanna marry me sometime soon?"

Crystal: "Why yes, Lenny, of course I would like to marry you sometime soon."

Lenny: "Then it's all settled for our wedding party tomorrow afternoon."

Crystal: "Good thinking, Lenny, but we'd better get back home right away to get a real good slumber."

Lenny and Crystal swim off to the other part of the Titanic house.....

Lenny: "Goodbye, Crystal, I'll see you tomorrow afternoon at our wedding party!"

Crystal: "So will I, Lenny, so will I!"

Lenny swims off to bed and goes right to sleep.

Scene 4: Oscar and Angie's apartmentEdit

Oscar swims right into the kitchen where Angie is waiting....

Angie: "Oscar, I've got a real nice surprise for both of us."

Oscar: "Well, Angie, what is it?"

Angie: "Well, they've got little fish heads, little fish fingers and little tail fins."

Oscar: "You mean we've got 4 little fish kids of our own?"

Angie: "That's right, Oscar, 3 good sons named Albert, Jeffrey and Lawrence and 1 beautiful daughter named Bethany."

Oscar: "Well, where are they anyway?"

Angie: "They're asleep in their bedrooms."

Oscar: "Oh that's real nice."

The very next morning back outside the Whale Wash......

Oscar: "You guys, Angie and I have a super good surprise for all of you in this reef."

Sykes: "Well, what is it, Oscar?"

Oscar: "Guppies, come on over here!"

Albert, Jeffrey, Lawrence and Bethany swim over to where Oscar, Angie and everybody else are waiting.

Angie: "Everybody, meet our 3 sons, Albert, Jeffrey and Lawrence."

All 11 sea critter friends: "Whoa!"

Oscar: "And our daughter, Bethany."

All 11 sea critter friends: "Wow!"

Luca: "Well, I've never thought I'd see the entire day, but we need to prepare everything else for Lenny and Crystal's wedding party."

Angie: "Oh my gosh, we need to find all sorts of things to get everything else prepared!"

Everybody else goes off to get everything else prepared for Lenny and Crystal's wedding party.

[Jefferson Starship: We Built This City]

We built this city

we built this city on rock and roll

we built this city

we built this city on rock and roll

Cut to Lenny getting himself ready for his and Crystal's big afternoon. Don Lino and Mildred swim right up to him.

Don Lino: "Lenny? do you remember this black and white photograph? it's a photograph of your grandmother's wedding ceremony from a very long time ago, right before she passed away from a broken heart when she thought you were gone for good, but you really weren't."

Lenny: "Thanks, Pop, we can always remember that wedding ceremony."

Say you don't know me, or recognize my face

say you don't care who goes to that kind of place'

Knee deep in the hoopla sinkin' in your fight

too many runaways eatin' up the night

Marconi plays the Mamba, listen to the radio, don't you remember

we built this city, we built this city on rock and roll

we built this city, we built this city on rock and roll

built this city, we built this city on rock and roll

someone always playin' corporation games

who cares they're always changin' corporation names

we just want to dance here, someone stole the stage

they call us irresponsible, write us off the page

Marconi plays the Mamba, listen to the radio, don't you remember

we built this city, we built this city on rock and roll

we built this city, we built this city on rock and roll

built this city, we built this city on rock and roll

it's just another Sunday, in a tired old street

police have got the choke hold, oh, then we just lost the beat

who counts the money, underneath the bar

who rides the wreckin' ball in 2 rock guitars

don't tell us you need us, 'cause we're the ship of fools

Lookin' for America comin' through your schools

don't you remember ('Member, 'member)

Marconi plays the Mamba, listen to the radio, don't you remember

we built this city, we built this city on rock and roll

we built this city, we built this city on rock and roll

built this city, we built this city on rock and roll

built this city, we built this city on rock and roll

built this city, we built this city on rock and roll

(we built, we built this city)

built this city

(we built, we built this city)

(we built, we built this city)

built this city

(We built, we built this city)

(We built, we built this city)

built this city

(we built, we built this city)

(we built, we built this city)

built this city

(We built, we built this city)

Oscar: "Well, we've got everything else all prepared."

Sykes: "The decorations, the sea flowers and the good wedding party foods and stuff."

Reuben: "And the coral berry wedding cake, let's not forget about that 1."

Lola: "Well, what are we waiting for? let's all begin the wedding party."

All other sea critters: "Alright, okay!"

Lenny and Crystal's wedding party takes place where Frankie's funeral ceremony was held.

Oscar: "I sure hope Lenny and Crystal show up soon."

Angie: "So do I, Oscar, so do I."

Sykes: "In fact, look, here they come right now!"

Lenny and Crystal are about to swim up to the alter...

[What A Wonderful World Playing On Karaoke Machine]

Don Feinberg: I see trees of green

red roses too

I see them bloom for me and you

and I think to myself

what a wonderful world

I see skies of blue

the clouds of white

the bright blessed day

the dark sacred night

and I think to myself

what a wonderful world

the colors of the rainbow

so pretty in the sky

are also on the faces

of people goin' by

I see friends shakin' hands

saying' "How do you do?"

they're really sayin',

"I love you"

I hear babies cry

I watch them grow

they'll learn much more

than I'll ever know

and I think to myself

what a wonderful world

yes I think to myself

what a wonderful world

Don Feinberg: [Clears Throat] "Dearly beloved, we're all here today for Lenny and Crystal's wedding party."

Don Feinberg: "Do you, Lenny, take Crystal to be your lawful wedded wife?"

Lenny: "Yes, of course I do."

Don Feinberg: "And do you, Crystal, take Lenny to be your lawful wedded husband?"

Crystal: "I do, I do too."

Don Feinberg: "Then from this day on, I now pronounce you husband and wife."

Lenny and Crystal get married to 1 another.

The scene cuts back to Bethany throwing the bouquet of sea flowers over to the newly weds.

[Counting Crows: Accidentally In Love]

So she said what's the problem, baby?

what's the problem? I don't know, well maybe I'm in love


think about it every time I think about it

can't stop thinkin' 'bout it

how much longer will it take to cure this

just to cure it 'cause I can't ignore it if it's love

makes me wanna turn around and face me

but I don't know nothin' 'bout love

come on, come on

turn a little faster

come on, come on

the world will follow after

come on, come on

because everybody's after love

so I said I'm a snowball runnin'

runnin' down into the spring

that's comin' all this love

'meltin' under blue skies

beltin' out sunlight, shimmering love

well baby I surrender to the strawberry ice cream

Never ever end of all this love

well I didn't mean to do it

but there's no escapin' your love

these lines of lightnin' mean we're never alone

never alone, no, no

come on, come on

move a little closer

come on, come on

I wanna hear you whisper

come on, come on

settle down inside my love

come on, come on

jump a little higher

come on, come on

if you feel a little lighter

come on, come on

we were once upon a time in love

we're accidentally in love

accidentally in love

Lenny and Crystal swim up to their apartment.

accidentally in love

accidentally in love

accidentally in love

accidentally in love


I'm in love, I'm in love

I'm in love, I'm in love

I'm in love, I'm in love


I'm in love, I'm in love

I'm in love, I'm in love

I'm in love, I'm in love


come on, come on

spin a little tighter

come on, come on

and the world's a little brighter

come on, come on

just get yourself inside her

love, I'm in love

Lenny: "It sure is good to be back home in our new apartment, isn't it, Crystal?"

Crystal: "It sure is, Lenny, it sure is."

Lenny: "Now let's just get some shut eye."

Later that night, Lenny and Crystal are asleep in their husband and wife bed, while everybody else is asleep in their own beds.

The very next morning......

Lenny and Crystal swim off to have their vegetarian breakfast meals, then do a couple of things.

[Doorbell ringing]

Lenny swims up to the door, and opens it.

Mail Fish Sam: "Congratulations, Lenny, you and Crystal just got an invitation."

Lenny: "Wow, thanks, Mail Fish Sam."

Mail Fish Sam: "Anytime, see you real soon."

Crystal: "Go ahead, Lenny, open the envelope."

Lenny: (reading the invitation letter) Dear Lenny and Crystal, you are cordially invited to this wonderful celebration dinner party in honor of your marriage, be sure to swim on by at 1:49 PM, love and sincerely, your dear old mom and pop."

Crystal: "Oh my gosh, we've been invited to a celebration dinner party in honor of our marriage!"

Lenny: "I know, Crystal, it's super exciting!"

Later that evening.....

Oscar, Angie, Lola, Reuben, Sykes, Bernie, Ernie, Albert, Jeffrey, Lawrence, Bethany, Crazy Joe, Horace, Don Feinberg, Lenny and Crystal are eating noodle kelp soup, while Don Lino and Luca are eating Manhattan crab soup at the celebration dinner party.

Don Lino: "So, Lenny, Crystal, tell me where you live now a days."

Crystal: "Well, Lenny and I live in our very own place, don't we, honey cakes?"

Lenny: "Oh yeah, the futon, the living room, the plasma television screen, the computer screen, the kitchen, the dining room, and the bedrooms."

Oscar: "What?!? I know you're speakin' about your apartment!"

Don Lino: "Oscar!"

Mildred: "Well, I think it would be a fine place to raise the vegetarian shark pups."

Lenny: [Splutters]

Don Lino: [Chokes]

[Clang, Thud]

Don Lino: "It's kind of early to be thinking about that right now."

Angie: "It sure is wonderful having everybody else over for dinner this evening."

Meanwhile, in the hallway......

Lenny: "Just think about it, Mom and Pop, in a few hours, Crystal and I will be back home in our apartment, and maybe after a few days, the little tail fins on the floor."

Don Lino: "Oscar, maybe?"

Lenny: "No, Mom and Pop, we were just thinking about little vegetarian shark tail fins."

Don Lino: "Oh, Lenny? Crystal? honestly, Mildred and I are not ready for grand-pups yet."

Mildred: "Why not, Edward?"

Don Lino: "Well, Mildred, my dear wife, uh, grand-pups are, I mean.....[Stammers A Bit] have you seen a vegetarian shark baby lately? they just eat and cry and wet and-"

Lenny: "Oh, Pop, don't you ever think about 'having a real good family?"

Don Lino: "Right now, you 3 are' my good family."

Reuben: "Lenny, Crystal, Don Lino, terrible news!"

Don Lino: "Well something had better be dangerous and serious."

Meanwhile back outside, everybody else is watching Katie Current on the big jumbo tron.....

Katie Current: "This is Katie Current of Southside Reef News, this just in, an evil sea witch named Grusella from Northside Reef, has just appeared outta nowhere."

[Crowd Gasps In Shock And Fear]

Sykes: "What are we gonna do about it? we can't let her put an evil curse on all of us!"

Katie Current: "She must be defeated, and somebody else who's brave and heroic must stop her and her barracuda minions, Toothy and Chompy immediately, Katie Current, signing off."

Later, Oscar, Lenny, Reuben and Don Lino are getting ready to leave for Northside Reef.

Reuben: "Just as are you, Lola, we really love 1 another, but I really gotta go."

Angie: "Goodbye, Oscar, good luck fighting against Grusella."

Oscar: "I know, Angie, I don't wanna leave you either, baby cakes, but you know how Lenny and Don Lino are, they're lost without me."

Angie smiles understandingly at Oscar respectively.

Oscar: "But don't worry about it, I'll send you air mail kisses every single day and night."

Oscar looks down at his and Angie's 4 little fish kids.

Oscar: "Alright, be very strong, guppies, be very strong, now, Albert and Jeffrey, you listen to your mother, alright?"

Albert: "Alright, Dad, we'll listen to what she tells us."

Jeffrey: "We understand right now."

Oscar: "And, Lawrence, no more takin' play toys and things from your sister's bedroom."

Lawrence: "You got it!"

Oscar: "That's my very special young boy, oh come over here, all 4 of you, give your daddy a group hug."

Don Lino: "Well, this is it."

Crystal: "Edward? there's something I need to tell you."

Don Lino: "I know, Crystal, me, Oscar, your husband and Reuben are going on our journey quest."

Oscar, Lenny, Reuben and Don Lino are about to leave for Northside Reef.

Crystal: "Lenny, Edward, Mildred!"

Lenny: "Yeah, Crystal?!?"

Crystal: "Wait, stop!"

Don Lino: "What is it?!?"

Mildred: "What's goin' on?"

Crystal: "I'm....I'm...."

[Loud Buzzer Sounds]

Lenny: "I really love you, honey cakes!"

Crystal: "No, Lenny, no, I said I'm-"

[More Loud Buzzer Sounds]

Don Lino turns off the buzzer sounds.

Don Lino: "You're what?!?"

Crystal: "I said I'm pregnant!"

All sea critter friends: [Cheering In Excitement]

Don Lino: "You're what?!?"

Crystal: "You're both gonna be a father and grandparents!"

Don Lino: "That's great news."

Crystal: "I know, Edward, I really love both of you!"

Don Lino: "I really love both of you as well too!"

Mildred puts her right fin on Crystal's right shoulder, proudly.

Oscar: "I'm gonna be a godfather, I'm gonna be a godfather!"

Reuben: "And you, my good friend, are gonna be in for another surprise."

While Oscar, Lenny and Reuben are swimming on their way to Northside Reef, Don Lino has another 1 of his dream sequences......

Don Lino: "Home sweet home."

Lenny: "Pop!"

Mildred and Crystal: "Edward!"

Don Lino: "Lenny? Mildred? crystal?"

Don Lino turns over to see a mysterious baby carriage covered with a little blue quilt. He lifts the corner of the blue quilt and peers inside. A little vegetarian shark baby smiles up at him nicely.

Don Lino: "Huh, what? oi vey."

Vegetarian Shark Baby: [Belches Lightly]

Don Lino: [Chuckles A Bit] "Kind of hilarious the 1st time."

Suddenly, the vegetarian shark baby is spewing right in Don Lino's face. Don Lino puts up his fins to defend himself from the deluge, but it's no use. Very soon, both he and the vegetarian shark baby are completely covered in it.

The vegetarian shark baby looks like he's about to cry and wail.

Don Lino: "No, no, no, no, no!"

Vegetarian Shark Baby # 1: [Crying And Wailing]

Don Lino: "No, it's okay, it's gonna be alright."

Vegetarian Shark Baby # 2: "Granddad!"

Suddenly, the entire Titanic house is filled with vegetarian shark babies, they tumble around the living room, tearing fabric off the chairs, knocking vases off the shelves, and pulling the dishes and cutlery off the dining room table. The knives stuck in the floorboards, and the vegetarian shark babies weave inside and outside between them.

Don Lino: "Hey, hey, wait, no, no, stop, hey!"

1 of the vegetarian shark babies strike a match. Don Lino scoops him up in his fins, and blows out the fire flame. Another vegetarian shark baby had to be rescued from the hot tub.

1 by 1, Don Lino picked the vegetarian shark babies up and placed them in the vegetarian shark baby carriage.

[Loud Rumbling Sound]

[Vegetarian Shark Babies Laughing Uncontrollably]


Don Lino: "Oscar, Lenny, Reuben, wake up!"

Oscar and Reuben, except Lenny, turn slowly towards Don Lino, but they both have vegetarian shark baby faces.

Oscar (Vegetarian Shark Baby's face): "Granddad!"


Oscar, Lenny and Reuben stare at him in alarm.

Lenny: "Pop, Pop, are you alright?"

Don Lino: "Oh, Lenny, I can't believe you're gonna be a father, and Mildred and I are gonna be grandparents, how on earth did this happen?"

Reuben: "Allow me to explain, Don Lino, sir, you see? when a male vegetarian shark has certain emotions for a female vegetarian shark, a big powerful urge sweeps over him and-"

Don Lino: "I know exactly how it happened, Reuben, I just can't believe this."

Reuben: "You know that we love Crystal, kind sir, right? but what I'm really speaking about here is you, me, Oscar and mine and Lola's son, Henry."

Oscar: "Hey, don't listen to him, man, look, you're gonna love havin' little boy and girl grand-pups, it’s like living your childhood all over again."

Reuben: "Alright, alright, I get it, Oscar, so you didn't really have a cheerful childhood, but that doesn’t mean having a grandson or a granddaughter is gonna ruin his entire life."

Don Lino: "Well, Reuben, it's not my entire life that I'm worried about, it's the little boy and girl pups, I'm doomed."

The Titanic HouseEdit

Angie, Lola, Miss Sanchez, Mildred, Sabrina and Nancy are giving Crystal a vegetarian shark baby shower.

Shelly: "Oh, Crystal, look at yourself, you look beautiful."

Lola: "So, Crystal, has there been any type of vegetarian food cravings for you ever since you got pregnant?"

Crystal: "No, Lola, not at all."

Crystal: [Sniffs A Bit] "Do you smell a vegetarian quiche?"

Angie: "Oh, I think it's gift time."

Crystal pointed at the big pile of vegetarian shark baby shower gifts.

Sabrina: "Crystal, open mine up 1st please, it's the 1 by the armchair."

Crystal: (reading the card) Congratulations on your new wetter, hopefully this helps, love from, Sabrina.

Crystal unwrapped the package, and pulled out a plastic container of vegetarian shark baby powder, and the other female sea critters oohed and aahed over the vegetarian shark baby shower gift.

Mildred: "Would you look at that?"

Crystal: "What's it for, Sabrina?"

Sabrina: "I'm so lucky you like it, Crystal, it's for the wet spots."

Sykes, Luca, Bernie and Ernie: "Crystal, Crystal!"

Sykes: "We all chipped in for a vegetarian shark baby shower gift too."

They all amaze Crystal with the exer-saucer.

Sykes and Luca: Ta-Da!

Luca: "You know the vegetarian shark baby's gonna really love it, 'cause I do."

Crystal: "Oh you guys, that's so nice, thank you."

Crystal begins opening the next vegetarian shark baby gift.

Crystal: "Wait, who's this 1 from?"

Nancy: "I got you the most biggest 1 'cause I really love you the most."

Crystal: (reading the other card) Have 1 on me, love from, Nancy.

Crystal opens the package to reveal a baby-sitter whale.

Crystal: "Uh, what is it, Nancy?"

Nancy: [Laughs A Bit] "He's a humongous baby-sitter!"

Baby-Sitter Whale: "Where's the babies?"

Crystal: "You're too kind, Nancy, but I can't allow this in here."

Nancy: "Think nothing about it, Crystal, I got 7 more working outside at home."

Crystal: "What does he do?"

Sabrina: "The cleaning."

Nancy: "The feeding."

Baby-Sitter Whale: "The burping."

Crystal: "So what are Lenny and I supposed to do around here?"

Miss Sanchez: "Well, Crystal, now you'll have plenty of time to work on your marriage."

Nancy: "You'll begin getting very tired all the time."

Lola: "You'll always let yourself go."

Sabrina: "You’ll get stretch marks."

Angie: "Oh, Crystal, don't expect Lenny to be too helpful, he'll be out with good friends all night long, say goodbye to romance."

Crystal: "I'm terribly sorry, but how many of you have sons and daughters?"

Lola: "She's right, a vegetarian shark baby is only gonna strengthen the love that Lenny and Crystal have, how did Lenny react when you told him, Crystal? tell me."

Crystal: "Oh, Lenny? oh, well, he was, uh, very…..he's real brave and heroic and clever."

Angie: "I'm lucky you agree to that, Crystal."

Sabrina: "I think this is gonna be the most exciting day for all of us."

Meanwhile back outside on the way to Grusella's evil lair.....

Oscar: "Alright, here it is, now let's go in here, and don't make 1 single sound or movement, got it?"

Lenny: "Okay, Oscar, we got it."

Oscar, Lenny, Don Lino and Reuben go inside Grusella's evil lair.

Oscar: [Whispering] "Hello? is anybody there?"

Grusella: (off screen) "Who goes there?"

Reuben: "Let's not jump to conclusions!"

Lenny: [Whispering] "Reuben, shush, not so loud."

Grusella: "What a disturbing surprise to see you come into my own room."

Oscar: "That's not gonna happen this time, Grusella!"

Lenny: "It's payback time!"

Grusella: "Very well then, I will send out my 2 moray eel minions."

Grusella: "Toothy and Chompy, it's time!"

Toothy and Chompy swim right out in front of Grusella's evil throne.

Toothy: "What can we do for you, Your Evilness?"

Grusella: "Observe and watch as I use my powerful mind switching powers on Oscar and Lenny's minds."

Chompy: "Now that we'd like to see."

Toothy: "Yeah right."

Grusella uses her evil magical powers, which make Oscar and Lenny switch bodies and voices with 1 another.

Don Lino: "Oscar, Lenny, Reuben, come on, let's get outta here!"

The 4 travelers swim right outta Grusella's evil lair, and right outside.

Oscar (in Lenny's body): "Oh man, I haven't been on a field trip like that since 5th grade."

Don Lino: "Oscar? is that really you?"

Oscar (in Lenny's body): "What? is there somethin' stickin' to my face?"

Oscar (in Lenny's body) realizes what just happened.

Oscar (in Lenny's body): "Oh man, I look all crazy lookin'!"

Lenny (in Oscar's body): "I can't let anybody back home in Southside Reef see us like this for my entire life!"

Oscar (in Lenny's body): "Neither can I, Lenny, but we need to find some ways to defeat Grusella and reverse ourselves back to the way we used to be!"

Don Lino: "Alright, you 2, break it up, now calm yourselves down and tell us what happened."

Oscar (in Lenny's body): "Well, you see, we were about to do a surprise attack on her, but then she used some of her evil magical powers, then we all got out and we were safe and secure, but then Lenny and I realized our bodies and voices got switched!"

Lenny (in Oscar's body): "It's true though."

Reuben: "This sounds kind of fishy."

Meanwhile, Oscar (in Lenny's body), Lenny (in Oscar's body), Don Lino and Reuben are swimming right back to Southside Reef.

Oscar (in Lenny's body): "So how exactly are we gonna reverse ourselves back to the way we were before?"

Lenny (in Oscar's body): "I don't know, Oscar, how are we gonna do that, Reuben?"

Reuben: "Here's the idea: 1st we trace our steps and find where Grusella is hiding, then we catapult a great big boulder on Grusella, Toothy and Chompy and kill them off."

Oscar (in Lenny's body): "Alright, good thinkin', Reuben!"

Oscar (in Lenny's body), Lenny (in Oscar's body), Don Lino and Reuben are swimming around, 'til they stop at the kelp forest.

Reuben: "Here we are: the kelp forest."

Oscar (in Lenny's body): "Finally, now's our chance."

Don Lino: "Now all we need to do is tie those 2 little rocks on the bottom of that wooden board, then we'll take that boulder over here."

Lenny (in Oscar's body): "Good plan, Pop."

Grusella (off screen): [Evil Laughter] "You call that a plan? well, you certainly found some way into the kelp forest, but you'll never catch me alive."

Oscar (in Lenny's body): "You're not gettin' away with it that easy!"

Grusella: "Well, we'll see about that, won't we?"

Lenny (in Oscar's body): "Hurry, Oscar, now's the time for the boulder!"

Oscar (in Lenny's body) and Reuben tie the 2 sea rocks down below the wooden board, and Lenny (in Oscar's body) carries the big boulder and places it right on the platform.

Oscar (in Lenny's body): "Okay, Lenny, you prepared?"

Lenny (in Oscar's body): "Yes, Oscar."

Oscar (in Lenny's body): "3, 2, 1-"

Grusella: "Don't launch that boulder, don't launch that boulder!"

Lenny (in Oscar's body): "Launch!"

The boulder is now being catapulted over to where Grusella, Toothy and Chompy are waiting, but it strikes them successfully.

Reuben: "Alright, it worked!"

Grusella: "You're gonna pay for this, you're gonna pay for this!"

Grusella, Toothy and Chompy are now deceased and no longer living.

Suddenly, a source of good magic occurs.

Oscar (in Lenny's body): "Whoa, what's happenin', man?!?"

Lenny (in Oscar's body): "I don't know what's happening, Oscar, but it looks like the curse is being lifted and our bodies are returning back to the way they were before!"

Oscar and Lenny are now back to their normal selves again.

Oscar: "Alright, yahoo, I'm not you anymore, Lenny, I'm me again!"

Lenny: "Now we can all go back home to Southside Reef where it's nice and safe."

Back at Southside ReefEdit

Oscar: "So then, right after Lenny and I got body switched, we killed Grusella, Toothy and Chompy and reversed ourselves back to the way they were before."

Angie: "Way to go, Oscar, we knew you and Lenny could do it!"

Sykes: "You guys are true brave heroes of the reef."

Luca: "We couldn't have done it without you guys."

Don Feinberg: "Now Southside Reef is now more peaceful than before."

Bernie: "Respect, mon."

Ernie: "Respect."

Lola: "Well, it looks like things are back to normal right now."

Crystal: "Oh my gosh, I think it's time to head on down to Southside Reef Hospital!"

Lenny: "Let's all hurry, everybody, we need to get my beautiful wife to Southside Reef Hospital right away!"

Oscar, Lenny and the others take Crystal to Southside Reef Hospital.

Inside Southside Reef HospitalEdit

Receptionist Fish: "Hello and welcome to Southside Reef Hospital, how can I help you out here?"

Lenny: "My wife has gone into labor, and her vegetarian shark baby is ready to be born any single minute now."

Receptionist: "Alright, name?"

Lenny: "Lenny and Crystal."

Receptionist: "Age?"

Crystal: "Well, Lenny is 37 years old and I'm 35 years old."

Receptionist: "Very well then, Crystal, your hospital room is # 278."

The paramedic fish take Crystal on a stretcher and all the way to room 278.

Oscar, Lenny, Don Lino, Angie, Lola, Reuben, Luca, Sykes, Bernie, Ernie, Don Feinberg, Horace, Crazy Joe and Miss Sanchez are now sitting in the waiting room.

Oscar: "Well, we finally made it to Southside Reef Hospital."

Lenny: "Let's just hope Crystal's doing okay in there."

Later, right after waiting around for a couple of minutes and hours........

Dr. Gills has just emerged from room 278.

Dr. Gills: "Hey, congratulations, Lenny, you and Crystal have more than just 1 vegetarian shark baby, you both have 3 sons and 2 daughters."

Lenny: "Oh boy, can we all go in there and see them, please?"

Dr. Gills: "Why sure, of course you can all go in there."

Oscar, Lenny, Don Lino, Mildred, Angie, Lola, Reuben, Luca, Sykes, Bernie, Ernie, Don Feinberg, Horace, Crazy Joe and Miss Sanchez swim all the way to room 278.

Crystal: "Lenny, guys, I'm so thrilled that you're all here."

Lenny: "Everybody, meet our 3 sons, Toby, Harold and Darren."

Oscar: "Wow, look at that."

Crystal: "And our 2 daughters, Tiffany and Katherine."

Sykes: "Well, it looks like we're all together again, now what do you all say we all go back home safe and sound?"

Reuben: "Good idea, Sykes, good idea."

Scene 5: Back at the Titanic HouseEdit

Lenny is making vegetarian shark baby formula by following instructions. He carries them over to Crystal, who is sitting right by the fireplace.

Toby, Harold, Darren, Tiffany and Katherine show up.

[Vegetarian Shark Babies Cooing In Delight]

Don Lino: [Chuckles A Bit]

Lenny, Crystal, Don Lino and the Vegetarian Shark Babies form a group hug.

[Doorbell Ringing]

Oscar, Angie, Lola, Reuben, Luca, Sykes, Bernie, Ernie, Don Feinberg, Horace, Crazy Joe, Miss Sanchez, Albert, Jeffrey, Lawrence and Bethany show up.

Oscar: "Whoa, hey, I see vegetarian shark babies!"

They all enter the Titanic House.

Oscar: "Where's Oscar? here I am!"

Toby: [Giggling In Delight]

Harold took out some crayons from a crayon box to make wonderful picture drawings.

Mildred: "Darren is a very bouncy boy."

[Knocking On Door]

Don Lino swims over to the door, then opens it, and there's the Baby-Sitter Whale that Nancy had given them.

Baby-sitter Whale: "Where's the babies?"

Don Lino shoos the Baby-Sitter Whale away, 'cause he and Mildred are gonna do this grand-parenting thing all by themselves, and Lenny and Crystal are gonna do this parenting thing all by themselves as well.

Don Lino: "Finally."

Lenny: "Well, Mom and Pop?"

Crystal: "What should we do now?"

Cut to Lenny and Crystal asleep in the couple's bed. Don Lino and Mildred are asleep in the other master bedroom as well.

Lenny and Crystal: [Snoring Lightly]

[Vegetarian Shark Babies Crying And Wailing]

Crystal: "Uh, Lenny?

Lenny: "I got it."

Lenny swims right outta the couple's bedroom, and very soon, the vegetarian shark babies were drinking them contentedly. Lenny beamed with delight just as he watched them through his tired vegetarian shark eyes.

The very next morning: the vegetarian shark babies' 1st birthday bash

Lenny: "Hey, happy 1st birthday to all of you, today's the day we have your birthday party at Lola and Reuben's undersea mansion."

Crystal: "Let's go, everybody, we don't wanna be late."

They all swim down to Lola and Reuben's mansion.

Lola and Reuben's mansionEdit

Sykes: Happy birthday bash, no more itchy rash, 1 year older not a pain, friends still remain the same….refrain, super thrilling, party thrower, birthday bash, birthday bash, birthday bash

Oscar, Angie, Luca, Bernie, Ernie, Miss Sanchez and Don Feinberg: birthday bash!

Oscar: "Hey, come on, Don Lino sir, it's a sing-along, you need to sing along."

Don Lino: "No, thanks, Oscar."

Oscar: "Come on, please? I'll be your good friend."

Don Lino: "Why does being your good friend entail me doing everything else I don't wanna do?"

Katherine: [Squeaking Squeaker Toy]

Don Lino: "Please, Katherine, not in Grandfather's face."

Lola: "Excuse me, Don Lino sir? could you do that great white shark snarl of yours for our son, Henry?"

Reuben: "He's a # 1 fan of yours."

Henry: "Do the snarl."

Don Lino: "Hey, you know, I'd rather not do that, it's my grandsons and granddaughter's birthday party."

Henry: "Do the snarl."

Crystal: "Lenny? honey cakes? why don't you go check on the kelp berry cake?"

Lenny: "Sure, Crystal, I'll check on the kelp berry cake."

Crystal: "And don't forget the birthday candles."

Lenny goes off to check on the birthday cake.

Oscar: "It's a birthday party, man, you've gotta cheer up."

Don Lino: "I'm in a real good mood, Oscar, actually."

Oscar: (notices the kelp berry cake) "Oh boy, I'm gonna lick myself a rainbow bridge."

Oscar begins licking the rainbow colored whipped cream.

Don Lino: "Oscar!"

Reuben: "Just as long as you're not doing anything else, how 'bout 1 of those greatest great white shark snarls?"

Henry: "Do the snarl."

Don Lino: "Let me get this straight, Henry, a great white shark only snarls when he's angry and fed up about something, you don't wanna see me angry and fed up about something, do you?"

Henry: "Do it now."

Don Lino: "Control it, just control it."

Henry: "Mom, Dad, he's getting away, do something."

Don Lino returns with the kelp berry cake and places it right on the dining room table.

Crystal: "Oh good."

Lenny and Crystal realize an unfortunate situation.

Lenny: "What happened to the kelp berry cake?"

Don Lino: "Trust me, it's just an improvement."

Mildred: "Ugh, you licked it."

Don Lino: "No, Mildred, it's not true."

Mildred: "Just because you're a great white shark doesn't mean you need to eat like 1."

Luca: "Looks like you forgot the birthday candles."

Crystal: "Alright, Lenny, just watch the kelp berry cake, I'll go get them."

Lenny: "Watch the kelp berry cake?"

Lenny: (realizing that the kelp berry cake is gone in a jiffy) AAAAH! "Where's the kelp berry cake?!?"

Bernie: "We ate the kelp berry cake."

Ernie: "Yes we did, mon."

Lenny: "What?!?"

Toby: [Cries And Wails]

Other 4 Vegetarian Shark Babies: [Crying And Wailing]

Lenny: "No, no, no, no, no, don't cry."

Lola: "Hey, I believe you promised our son a great white shark snarl."

Henry: "Do the snarl."

Don Lino: "Snarl."

Henry: "I don't even like it."

Don Lino: "Bernie, Ernie, we need another kelp berry cake."

Bernie: "But we ate the other kelp berry cakes."

Reuben: "1 great white shark snarl, man."

Oscar: "Hey, everybody, Don Lino's gonna do his great white shark snarl!"

Don Lino: "Not right now, Oscar."

Don Lino: "Bernie, Ernie, are there any kelp berry cupcakes?"

Ernie: "We ate them as well too."

Bernie: "They have kelp berry cake pops."

Ernie: "No, I already ate them."

Bernie: "What? you didn't even share?"

Ernie: "Well, you didn't even share the kelp berry pie!"

[Vegetarian Shark Babies Crying And Wailing]

Lenny: "Everything's gonna be alright."

Just then, Crystal returns to see the empty kelp berry cake box and the vegetarian shark babies crying and wailing.

Crystal: "Lenny? Edward? what's going on?"

Oscar: "Come on, Don Lino sir, your good friends are waitin'!"

Henry: "Do the snarl."

Sykes: "We need the kelp berry cake!"

Crowd: [Chanting] "Kelp berry Cake! kelp berry Cake! kelp berry cake! kelp berry cake!"

Don Lino: [Snarling Loudly]

Henry: "I love both of you, Mom and Dad."

Reuben: "Hey, everybody, I found another kelp berry cake."

Lenny, Crystal, Don Lino and everybody else are amazed that Reuben had found another kelp berry cake.

Vegetarian Shark Babies: [Giggling In Delight]

Don Lino: "Happy 1st Birthday, Toby, Harold and Darren, my 2 most favorite grandsons, and, Tiffany and Katherine, I believe these things are yours."

Don Lino gives Tiffany and Katherine their most favorite play toys.

A few days later.......

Toby: "See you later, Mom and Dad, we're going outside to play reef ball."

Lenny: "Okay, be very careful!"

Crystal: "And be sure to be back inside by night time!"

Tiffany: "Alright, we hear you loud and clear!"

Toby, Harold, Darren, Tiffany and Katherine, who are no longer vegetarian shark babies, go outside to play reef ball in the kelp fields.

Fade to a black movie theater screen....

A memorial dedication on the black movie theater screen says, Dedicated to the loving memories of Rick James (1948-2004) and Peter Falk (1927-2011), thanks for the beautiful and wonderful memories of their careers.

End Production CreditsEdit

Directed by Mike Mitchell and Rob Minkoff

Written by Ted Key and Josh Klausner

Produced by Alex Schwartz and Teresa Cheng

Voice Cast Members End CreditsEdit

Will Smith as Oscar (voice)

Reneé Zellweger as Angie (voice)

Jack Black as Lenny (voice)

Angelina Jolie as Lola (voice)

Robert De Niro as Don Lino (voice)

Wanda Sykes as Mildred (voice)

Vincent Pastore as Luca (voice)

Martin Scorsese as Sykes (voice)

Doug E. Doug as Bernie (voice)

Ziggy Marley as Ernie (voice)

Dominic Chianese as Don Feinberg (new and improved voice)

Jennifer Aniston as Crystal (voice)

Glenn Close as Grusella (voice)

Steve Zahn as Toothy (voice)

Adam Sandler as Chompy (voice)

David P. Smith as Crazy Joe (voice)

Shelly Morrison as Miss Sanchez (voice)

David Soren as Horace the Shrimp (voice)

Alan Arkin as Jean Claude (voice)

Zach Galifianakis as Reuben (voice)

Jim Parsons as Dr. Gills (voice)

Estelle Harris as Flashback Shelly (voice)

Michael Imperioli as Flashback Frankie (voice)

Lenny Venito as Giuseppe (voice)

Max Charles as Albert (voice)

Noah Schnaap as Jeffrey (voice)

Jakob Salvati as Lawrence (voice)

Francesca Capaldi as Bethany (voice)

Ice Cube as Mail Fish Sam (voice)

Katie Couric as Katie Current (voice)

Mandy Moore as Shirley (voice)

Jodi Benson as Sabrina (voice)

William Wunsch as Toby (voice)

Noah Johnston as Harold (voice)

Alexander Garfin as Darren (voice)

Bailee Madison as Tiffany (voice)

Lane Styles as Katherine (voice)

Walt Dohrn as Henry (voice

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