Shark Tale 2 is an upcoming 2021 Hollywood animated, adventure and comedy film directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon.

It's to be an all new upcoming DreamWorks animated sequel film, from where the original Shark Tale had left off and right after Oscar finally told the truth and confessed that a boat anchor had killed brother, Frankie and not him get out the most steamy and grimey shit.

The story focuses on a new character named Kate who is a female Great White shark.

Plot SummaryEdit

The new story follows Kate as she discovers her true love, Lenny, who is Don Lino's son.

She finds herself faced with a difficult decision - join the mafia family or stay with her own family.

She wants both, but can only have one.

Right after Oscar and Angie got married then eventually had young guppie kids of their own, Lenny decides to find his 1 true love at 1st sight.

Voice Cast MembersEdit

New Voice Cast Member AdditionsEdit

  • Estelle Harris as Shelly (flashback)
  • Jennifer Aniston as Kate, Lenny's shark fiancé.
  • Zach Galifianakis as Reuben, a rich purple male fish, who Lola eventually marries
  • Lou Romano as Jean Claude, a swordfish waiter, who serves at the fancy restaurant
  • Walt Dohrn as Henry,
  • Ice Cube as Mail Fish Sam
  • Katie Couric as Katie Current
  • Jim Parsons as Dr. Flipper, a dolphin dr. who works at Southside Reef Hospital
  • Zach Galifianakis as Reuben, a rich purple male fish, who Lola eventually marries
  • Connor and Owen Fielding as Sheldon and Henry, Lenny and Crystal's 2 twin vegetarian shark sons
  • Bailee Madison as Kaitlyn, Lenny and Crystal's vegetarian shark daughter
  • Nancy Cartwright as Marvin, another 1 of Lenny and Crystal's vegetarian shark sons
  • Kath Soucie as Lawrence, another 1 of Oscar and Angie's sons
  • Grey DeLisle as Tiffany, Oscar and Angie's daughter
  • Candi Milo as Albert, 1 of Oscar and Angie's sons
  • Jennifer Aniston as Crystal, Lenny's vegetarian shark fiancé, who's wearing a light blue daisy cap

Shark Tale 2 teaser trailer transcriptEdit

Shark Tale 2 trailer transcript

Shark Tale 2 official transcript


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