Rocky and Bullwinkle: When Moose Met Squirrel is an upcoming Computer Animated buddy comedy film based on the 1960's TV series The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. It is a prequel to the 2014 short film Rocky and Bullwinkle and it will be directed by Gary Trousdale who's best known for co directing Beauty and The Beast The Hunchback Of Notre Dame and Atlantis: The Lost Empire for Disney and It will also be produced by DreamWorks Animation and Bullwinkle Studios and distributed by Universal Pictures.

Plot Edit

Once upon a time in the year 1939, in Minnesota, there were two American moose, their names are Mother Moose and her son Bullwinkle and they were afraid of Nogoodnik the leader of Pottsylania, Fearless Leader. Fearless Leader and his guards went into the forest and they were hunted for Young Bullwinkle and Mother Moose, so the two moose run to the train coach and drive to Frostbite Falls, while Fearless Leader follow them. Meanwhile, Young Bullwinkle and Mother Moose made their way to Frostbite Falls, Minnesota, but Fearless Leader found them. Young Bullwinkle and Mother Moose went to the Goveror's house to try to knock for help, But Fearless Leader use his gun to kill Mother Moose and so he did.

When Fearless Leader try to kill Young Bullwinkle next, Governor Chairman came out to find out what's going on, Young Bullwinkle started to speak to him that Fearless Leader kill his mother. The Governor was very angry at Fearless Leader, so he call the police on him and then they banish him back to Pottsylania. Young Bullwinkle try to let his mother to say something, but Mother Moose use the last word and then no more. That morning at the church, The Governor told everyone that last night, Fearless Leader killed Mother Moose, and then he told them that he banish him back to Pottsylania. But a kid ask the governor who will take care of Young Bullwinkle. The Narrator tells the viewers to be back next time for: "Wait until the future of Bullwinkle stay orphan forever".

20 years later, far away, from Frostbite Falls, Minnesota to Winnemucca, Nevada, home of the jet-age squirrels. Two young baby squirrels and their names are Rocket and Furry were racing to the cactus to put some nuts in it. Rocket started to fly just like his mother because they're flying squirrels then he fly to put a nut in the cactus. But Furry can't because he too small to fly to the cactus, Rocket told him that some baby squirrels are too small to fly but when did they turn three they can fly sometime, Rocket and Furry forgot because today it's their dad birthday, so the two squirrels had to make it there in time.

Meanwhile Father Squirrel and his oldest grumpy daughter Mia was waiting for his two sons to come here to his party, but Rocket and Furry made it just in time and they give him a birthday present, and their father give them (Incluing Mia) a present too, first he give Mia a new bow, he give Furry a sunglasses, then he give Rocket a blue pilot hat and it was from his relative mother after she die when Rocket and Furry were babies. Rocket try it on this hat and it almost fit pertect for him and he like it for flying. Furry wants Father Squirrel to tell him, Mia and Rocket a story how did he and Mother Squirrel met each other, Father Squirrel told Mia, Rocket and Furry that they met at Australia, he also told them that Mother Squirrel protect herself with her badges, so he give them each one too protect themselves too.

That night, Rocket begin to wish upon a star to see a reger living tree someday. Furry ask him what did he wish for, but Rocket can't tell because it's a secret, but Furry can tell him his wish, he wish that he and Rocket can always be together. But Rocket don't know about this, so he must tell Father Squirrel about this. the two young squirrels went to their father room and tell him that they always be together, but Father Squirrel ask them what his wife told them before she die if anything can happen to him, Furry and Mia had to go to California and Rocket had to go to Minnesota (where Bullwinkle lives). Rocket got so upset about two brothers and a sister spit up after if their father die, so he ran back to his room and cry, but he remember when he was a baby, his mother sang him a lullaby. One morning, all of the jet-age squirrels herd the news that a lady (who the squirrels hunter) is going to hunt the squirrels, so Father Squirrel lead every squirrels to stop her, but he forgot his badges to protect him. When Mia, Rocket and Furry came to find out what's going on, they saw their father badges on the floor.

Meanwhile, a lady arrive and her name is Natasha Fatale and she had a gun to hunt some jet-age squirrels, and she found a place where all the squirrels are, all of the jet-age squirrels came to stop Natasha and Father Squirrel try to warn her to leave, She won't listen so she kill him. When Mia, Rocket and Furry came and try to tell their father, he for got his badges, it was too late because he was killed by Natasha. All of the jet-age squirrels told Mia, Rocket and Furry to pack their bags and then they go on to the airport, while Natasha follows. The jet-age squirrels drop Rocket off first to Minnesota, after saying goodbye to Mia and Furry before they drop them off right next to California, Rocket begin to fly inside, until Natasha didn't realizes that Rocket was a flying squirrel, so she follow him.

10 hour later, Rocket made his way to Minnesota, when he got out of the airport he saw a mad man with a mean mustache in a poster, Rocket ask the guy who work here, who is that man in the poster, the guy told him, this man in the poster is Boris Badenov, who the outlaw of Frostbite Falls, Minnesota, he also told him that 2 years ago, Boris Badenov came from Pottsylania to try to hunt a moose name Bullwinkle (who mother got killed by Fearless Leader) for 2 years, but Natasha hear what the guy, who said it to Rocket.

Meanwhile, back at Frostbite Falls, everyone had a celebration for everyone are coming back from M.I.T. and immediately entered the armed force and Captain Peter Wrong-Way Peachfuzz and his niece, Becky are excited for Bullwinkle (who all grown up moose with his grown antlers) to came back from the war too, later Captain Peachfuzz and Becky had a surprise for Bullwinkle, for his return, so they got him a new house, they told him Governor Chairman has been saving a house for Bullwinkle to get a new family for a long time, but he'd find some soon, Captain Peachfuzz have work to do with his ship, so he let Bullwinkle and Becky to have fun erins to do, while behind them, there was a Nogoodink of all, Boris Badenov follow and try to kill Bullwinkle. Becky took Bullwinkle to get some ice cream, Bullwinkle favorite was moose berry and he and Becky got some together, and Boris was watching them, until he saw a women with pink dress and shoe and black hair was Natasha, they already know each other at high school, when they were teenager. Boris really like Natasha because she pretty and she told him that she doesn't like squirrels, just like Boris doesn't like moose, so they team up together to get rid of Bullwinkle.

During this, the two beautiful Asian flying squirrel and moose sorceresses from Chipan (portmanteau of China and Japan) with Chinese-Japanese accents called Ming-Huaxing Risusabi and Bei-Shanying Musujika were similar to Rocket the flying squirrel and Bullwinkle the moose, arrive in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota and dressed like agents persons read something and said that Mother Moose was killed by Fearless Leader and Father Squirrel was killed by Natasha. Huaxing asks to Shanying as she told her to finds a way to meets Rocket and Bullwinkle after they use their immortality magic from past, The two witches using magic and changing back their agents outifits into their original outfits; Huaxing is wears a blue, green, turquoise, teal and cyan blue hanfu/kimono, purple traditional Chinese shoes for ladies, blue earring balls and the same pilot cap and goggles as Rocket's and had a silk black geisha's hairdo with a gold, jade, blue and green headpiece and a pink sakura and Shanying is wears a mauve, purple, pink, magenta and light purple hanfu/kimono, teal traditional Chinese shoes for ladies, gold earrings and the same gloves as Bullwinkle's and had a raven black Chinese hairdo with a gold, jade, pink, purple, silver and orange headpiece with two pink sakuras. They must meets Rocket and Bullwinkle after they've cast a spell on the Asian warriors and transforming them into statues durring the Qiang Dynasty in Chipan since past years, They run to find their way.

Rocket had made his way to Frostbite Falls to find someone to take care of him, but nobody want to talk to him, because they can only talk to Bullwinkle, because he the only moose who can talk to humans, but Rocket was so worry that why did he leave Nevada, because Natasha kill Father Squirrel, but his conscience told him that Bullwinkle haven't found a new family to take care of him, Huaxing and Shanying saw Rocket and asks to him were is Bullwinkle, because Huaxing is a squirrel female magician and Shanying is a moose female magician, the witches then tolds Rocket to find Bullwinkle quickly, they leaved of him and they transformed into Chinese mythic creatures (Huaxing is transforming into a Chinese dragon and Shanying is transforming into a fenghuang), so Rocket agree with that and those witches, so he can find him.

After having lunch at the ice cream place, Bullwinkle and Becky were about to take a walk, when Boris told Natasha to trick Bullwinkle, so she started to chat with a moose, until Bullwinkle and Becky didn't realizes that Natasha is working with Boris Badenov, so Bullwinkle and Becky run for their lives to keep away from Boris and Natasha. Bullwinkle and Becky found a police and they told him that Boris and Natasha are after them, so the police chase Boris and Natasha for chasing Bullwinkle and Becky, the police told Bullwinkle that they'll keep looking for Boris, if he and Natasha ever come near Bullwinkle again.

After that, Captain Peter Peachfuzz had came back from work, he ask Bullwinkle and Becky how their going, Bullwinkle and Becky told him great, so Becky have to go home with her Uncle Peter now, and she give thank to Bullwinkle for having so much fun with her, and so Becky and Captain Peter Peachfuzz went, so Bullwinkle have to walk home too, until Rocket saw Bullwinkle, what he looks likes, so he stop flying and started walking right to Bullwinkle. After the witches had transformed back into their normal forms, Huaxing and Shanying are played with Chinese-Japanese instruments (the sorceress Huaxing is playing with a dizi-like kagurabue and the sorceress Shanying is playing with an erhu-like kokyū) walking towards and saw Rocket who ask to Bullwinkle as the gasped and stopped playing with instruments. When Rocket ask Bullwinkle "nice antlers", Bullwinkle hear someone ask him a questions and it was a small baby squirrel right next to him. But Bullwinkle didn't realizes that Rocket the squirrel can talk to him, Huaxing and Shanying walks to see Rocket and Bullwinkle to tell their story on China and Japan that they've cast a spell on the Asian armies and they transformed them into terracotta-like stones and they use their immortal magic from past, Rocket told Bullwinkle a story that he came from Nevada to keep away from Natasha for killing Father Squirrel.

When Boris and Natasha are safe from the police, they saw Bullwinkle talking to Rocket as Huaxing and Shanying annoyed of them, and Natasha didn't realize that she saw a familiar squirrel that she thought was the same one that she follow. When Bullwinkle told Rocket that he had a nice pilot hat, Rocket told Bullwinkle that he wasn't just a squirrel, he's a flying squirrel, so he show Bullwinkle how did he fly like that, then Bullwinkle told Rocket that he was amazing flying squirrel, and Natasha was right that she told Boris all about a flying squirrel that she follow, so Boris and Natasha have an idea to capture moose and squirrel.

Meanwhile, everywhere, Boris and Natasha were trying to kill Rocket and Bullwinkle, but they couldn't do it because Huaxing and Shanying are tricked, but there must be some way that Boris and Natasha can get rid of Rocket and Bullwinkle, but the police told Bullwinkle that Captain Peter Peachfuzz needed his help, but Rocket don't know who Captain Peter Peachfuzz is, so Bullwinkle can show him away, while Boris and Natasha follows. At Captain Peter Peachfuzz's house, he and Becky are trying to fix a fishing rake to catch some fish for dinner and Bullwinkle came with Rocket, and Captain Peter and Becky were so glad that Bullwinkle came with a flying squirrel, while they're helping them fixing a fishing rake, Becky told Rocket how did he came to Frostbite Falls, Minnesota, Rocket told her everything with the part what he told her, that Natasha kill Father Squirrel, just like in 20 years ago, Fearless Leader kill Mother Moose. Captain Peter Peachfuzz told Rocket that he should ask Governor Chairman all about it.

At the Governor's house, Rocket told him all about Natasha was trying to kill him, but she kill Father Squirrel, Governor Chairman remind him from 20 years ago, Fearless Leader kill Mother Moose as Huaxing and Shanying were tell all about Qiáng Dynasty on Chipan, so he told Rocket that he should go live with Bullwinkle, because he come to the right place. Huaxing holds a potion that she and Shanying were creating with magic powers and sorcery, they ask to Rocket and Bullwinkle to go home, they vannished with their magic-like Chinese-Japanese martial art and go to Governor Chairman's house. Bullwinkle brought Rocket to his house, and he show him around of his house, Rocket saw a picture of Young Bullwinkle and Mother Moose, so he told Bullwinkle that he so sorry about Mother Moose. Outside of Bullwinkle's house, Boris and Natasha have a plan, so they aren't aloud to do that at Bullwinkle's house, they must call Fearless Leader to tell him what the next plan, Fearless Leader told them to trapped Huaxing and Shanying, to kidnap Governor Chairman and bring him to Pottsylvania. That night, Boris and Natasha went to the Governor's house and then they traps Ming-Huaxing and Bei-Shanying, they grab him, and then they put him in the sack, and then they carry him right on a flight to Pottsylvania.

That morning, Rocket and Bullwinkle hear the news that the Governor has been kidnap by Boris and Natasha, Huaxing and Shanying use thier magic to untied and teleports to see Rocket and Bullwinkle, they ask to them that the Governor was kidnapped by Boris and Natasha and takes him to Pottsylvania, Rocket didn't realizes that Natasha is working with Boris, and Bullwinkle forgot to tell him that yesterday, he and Becky saw Natasha with Boris, The beautiful sorceresses Huaxing and Shanying then says to Rocket and Bullwinkle to ask Becky and her uncle, go to Pottsylvania and saved Governor Chairman and says to them to be heroes in future, so Rocket and Bullwinkle got an idea, they'll ask Captain Peter Peachfuzz and Becky to take a boat ride to Pottsylvania to rescue Governor Chairman. Huaxing and Shanying find a male disguise/transformation spell and pointed at the Chinese-Japanese glyph on the spellbook's page, they transforms into Rocket and Bullwinkle (the witch Huaxing as Rocket J. Squirrel and the witch Shanying as Bullwinkle J. Moose) as the squirrel and moose witches are replace Rocket and Bullwinkle. Meanwhile, the boat carry Rocket, Bullwinkle, Becky and Captain Peter Peachfuzz from Frostbite Falls, Minnesota to Pottsylvania to save Governor Chairman from Boris, Natasha and Fearless Leader, but at Pottsylvania, Boris and Natasha got the governor all tie up and he was surprise to see Fearless Leader again, he told him this is for banish him back to Pottsylvania, but Governor Chairman told him, he killed Mother Moose, and then he demands that Fearless Leader to let him go, but Fearless Leader insists on not doing so.

Meanwhile, Rocket, Bullwinkle, Becky and Captain Peter Peachfuzz made their way to Pottsylvania to rescue the Governor, they have to spit up so Captain Peter Peachfuzz will had to go get the police, while Rocket, Bullwinkle and Becky had got to find the lare of Fearless Leader, moment later, Rocket, Bullwinkle and Becky found the lare, they go in and ask the guy where Boris, Natasha and Fearless Leader with the Governor are, the guy told them, they are on the roof, so Rocket, Bullwinkle and Becky use the elevator to make it up, where Boris, Natasha and Fearless Leader are with the Governor. Later, Fearless Leader, Boris and Natasha put Governor Chairman on the dock of the roof and then, they put a time bomb on him, until Rocket, Bullwinkle and Becky barge out of the elevator and made it to the roof, where Fearless Leader, Boris and Natasha with the Governor were, Rocket demands them to let the Governor go. But Fearless Leader saw a same moose from 20 years ago, but suddenly they hear the police and they told Fearless Leader, Boris and Natasha, they're under a rest for kidnapping the Governor.

The falses Rocket and Bullwinkle aka Huaxing and Shanying appears on the roof and made a reflection of them, they smile hapilly that the heroes are tried to untied the Governor. Rocket, Bullwinkle and Becky untie Governor Chairman, but Rocket have to get rid of the time bomb, so he told Bullwinkle to throw him in the air, then he fly down to the ground and dig under there and then baries it, then he fly out of there until the time bomb blast him out of there and still he has his badges to protect him, so he warns the Narrator to narrating him to safing, then he reaches orbit, then he falls back to earth, where he lands unconscious. The fake Rocket and the fake Bullwinkle saw the real Rocket and the real Bullwinkle in trouble after the orbit reach on earth, they transformed back into Ming-Huaxing and Bei-Shanying as they gasped in fear.

Bullwinkle finds Rocket somewhere when he see him dead on the ground, that reminds Bullwinkle in the past of 20 years, he try to let his mother to say something, but she use the last word and then no more, but this time, Bullwinkle tells Rocket to say something before he begin to cry, while Ming Huaxing and Bei Shanying healed Rocket and chant a Chinese magic formula in Sanskrit and saying together "Agadyati Rocket, agadya antakat uta praptavara ca irayati sadyah", Bullwinkle hear him said something and Rocket eyes open and he's okay and he is healed by Huaxing and Shanying, he told Bullwinkle that his father told him to use his badges to protect himself, the flying squirrel witch and the moose witch says to Rocket and Bullwinkle that they're now greatest heroes, they leaves them and Huaxing and Shanying smiles and disappears magically, when Becky and Captain Peter Peachfuzz came and saw Rocket was okay, they told him that he and Bullwinkle are great heroes.

Later, at California, Mia and Furry with their new friends hear the news that Governor Chairman was safe by Rocket and Bullwinkle, and safe from Fearless Leader, Boris and Natasha, and Mia and Furry was very proud of Rocket for saving the Governor. Back at Frostbite Falls, Minnesota, Rocket and Bullwinkle did make a great team, but Rocket has an idea, so he told Bullwinkle that they're the only two talking animals in the world, that's why they call themselves "Rocky and Bullwinkle". When the Narrator try to told the viewer what's Rocket's idea, Rocket told him to called him, Rocky, because it's a nickname for Rocket. And so Rocky and Bullwinkle do the acting job just like in the circus, Rocky is preparing to jump from a high diving board into a tub of water tended by Bullwinkle. However when Rocky jumps, he ends up flying around the circus tent, while Bullwinkle chases after him carrying the tub. As Rocky lands safely, Bullwinkle tumbles into the tub, after Rocky fly to the ground, Bullwinkle got out of the water, then they give themselves a handshake.


Cast Edit

Tara Strong as as the voice of Rocky The Flying Squirrel

Tom Kenny as as the voice of Bullwinkle Moose

Josh Glad as Boris Badanov

Anne Hathaway as Natasha Fatale

Scott Weinger as Captain Peter Wrong way PeachFuzz

Sadie Sandler as Rebecca “Becky” Right away Peachfuzz

Michael Keaton as Mayor

Aidan McArdale as Fearless Leader

Robert Ben Garant as as the voice of the Narrator

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