Khloe is a minor character and a peacock from the movie, Madagascar 5. She is currently a famous super-star singer who sings Alesso's music video, We Could Be Heroes. She is voiced by Russi Taylor.

Appearance Edit

Khloe is a blue peacock, and has green feathers with some blue teardrops and pink dots inside. She even has green eyes and wears a pink ribbon on her head, and has green eyeshadow.

Personality Edit

Khloe is gentle, calm and being good-natured. Khloe is even never mad in the movie.

History Edit

Madagascar 5 Edit

She is first seen in a purple car and is being driven by her driver to her concert in San Francisco, Northern California. When she got to her concert, she gets many autographs from the fans, as when her concert ended after her music video, 'Shake it Off', Dave's minions went to freed the imprisoned Dave from the Penguins of Madagascar movie from a snowglobe, and even turns him back into a mutant octopus, as he went back for revenge and this time, he is going to turn penguins into mutant again. He even briefly stole Skipper, Kowalski and Rico from the 2014 movie, and turns all penguins back into monsters. The monster penguins later wreck chaos in New York City, except Private is not mutated as a monster penguin. He even gets help from his fellow friends, Alex, Marty, King Julien, Mort and her, to help him make all the monster penguins to remember them. She later reveals that the monster penguins will remember them by singing her music video, We Could Be Heroes.

Private and his friends later set up the concert stage to sing the music video to make the monster penguins to remember them. The monster penguins later remembers them, and Alex even uses the antidote to turn all of the penguins back to normal, and even shrinking Dave back into a cute octopus, and is taken home by a girl, Amy. Khloe also goes back to San Francisco to finish her concert, even Skipper agrees to join her concert, and reveals she has three sisters, and even began to sing the song on her concert.

Madagascar 6 Edit

She makes a cameo appearance in a photo in King Julien's hut in Africa. It is possible that King Julien might have a crush on her.

Trivia Edit

  • Her voice actor, Russi Taylor, also voices Minnie Mouse from the Disney movies.