Cheif tanni clone

Cheif Tanni, very OP, right?


Creation Edit

After the event of The Road to El Dorado, Miguel, Tulio, and Chel lived a good life back in Spain. However the Doradoins (whatever theyre called) did not. Cortes killed all of them and took some of their DNA too and all their gold. Fastforward 400 years or so later. Dr. Gero is working on a clone tube using the DNA of natural born leader, Cheif Tanni. So Gero created him, faster, stronger, and with a better looking body instead of well....all fat...BUT HE WAS STRONG ENOUGH TO SUPPORT THE PILLAR STILL.

Destroying The Guardians Edit

Cheif Tanni's first target was Jack Frost. Cheif Tanni traveled all the way to the North Pole where Jack was supposedly hanging out and killed everyone their without breaking a sweat (Lobo had already killed Santa so there were only elves and yetis there). Cheif Tanni continued his search and came across Sandman surfing on the beach and threw a swordfish, impaling Sandman to the ocean, never to be seen again. Jack Frost heard about this somehow and flew at blinding speeds from Washington DC to kill Tanni.


Death of Jack Frost Edit

The Clone sensed Jack Frosts Cryo-Signature and started flying in the same direction to Jack. As soon as they crashed into eachother, there was a huge shockwave that killed Tooth Fairy cuz she was there too for some reason. Jack: NOOOOO! Cheif: DIE..... Cheif Tanni grabbed Jack by the hoodie and broke his back as Bane did Batman and threw him all the way to the Sahara Desert.

Easter Special Edit

Cheif Tanni was busy drinking coffee when the Easter Rabbit jumped him (haha get it.......okay). Tanni already knew he was coming and grabbed him by the throat and crushed it. Killling the Easter Rabbit.